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Nintendo 3DS XL Circle Pad Pro Revealed

Nintendo of Japan has unveilled the Circle Pad attachment for the Nintendo 3DS LL on their website. Listed under the accessories page the 3DS LL fits into the accessory, adding a second circle pad for play.

The accessory will give the system the ability to better control for several games where the ‘dual analogue’ control fits better.

Only a handful of games will support this accessory when it is released, but several games in the back catelogue of the 3DS already support it.

– Monster Hunter 3 (Capcom)
– Ace Combat 3D Cross Rumble (NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc.)
– New light mirror mythology Parutena (Nintendo)
– KINGDOM HEARTS 3D [Dream Drop Distance] (Square Enix)
– Shin Sangoku Musou VS (Tecmo Koei Games)
– Sengoku Musou Chronicle 2nd (Tecmo Koei Games)

No pricing or release details are listed on the website but the unit will take a AAA battery to run.

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Written by Jason Nason

I've been playing Nintendo all of my life and have had virtually every Nintendo console ever made. I'm a little bit Nintendo-centric but I'll still bring you a helping of other gaming goodness too. You can also Check me out on Miiverse too.