We’re almost there! The release of No Man’s Sky on PS4 is tomorrow. While there has been a mix of news recently as leaked copies found their way around, a day one patch is on the way that addresses many issues noted. None of that should really overshadow exactly what we have to look forward though. No Man’s Sky is a game that explorers especially should enjoy. The main focus is to press deeper and deeper into the universe towards it’s center. So unlike Minecraft or similar titles, you’re not really looking to establish yourself it seems. Your ship seems to be your home and each planet is just a location you visit along the way.

Much like other survival games, you’ll collect resources as you visit these strange and alien worlds that have been randomized to provide different experiences as you progress. It seems gamers are expected to have unique starting locations and odds are you’ll never run into any other players throughout your whole adventure. At least that’s what we’ve heard so far. Even then, it seems potentially other players aren’t marked. So you’ll never know if you’re attacking NPC’s or player characters.

There is much we could go into detail about in regards to what has been seen so far, but I figure it’s best to wait until the game it properly releases. Review copies have even been delayed while this upcoming massive patch was prepared and even those who have played early are essentially playing a beta version. So lets see what brave new world tomorrow will bring!

The PC version seems to be delayed until Friday.

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Written by Les Major