Darkain Arts Gamers

Hats Off To You!

Soulless Wonder is on Kickstarter (http://kck.st/2nMZPwf) and it’s one of the most unique visual novels you’ll ever play! Featuring an absolutely twisted story about a […]

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Soulless Wonder Needs Your Steam Greenlight Votes

Soulless Wonder Conversation

We’re getting close to the release of the Soulless Wonder Kickstarter. It’s a wonderful game drawn by past Marvel and Dark Horse comics artist Rod […]

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We have released our very first game on Steam Greenlight and it’s a doozy! Lantz is a cursed bard who has to adventure out beyond […]

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theHunter: Call Of The Wild Reveals Layton Lake Trailer

theHunter Layton Lake

Continuing our coverage of Expansive Worlds beautiful woodlands simulator that I’ll be wandering through soon, we have a new trailer highlighting the Layton Lake district […]

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Bleed 2 Is Locked And Loaded For Release Tomorrow

Bleed 2 Title

If you haven’t played Bleed, you’ve really missed out on some indie game magic. With solid controls, slowing time mechanics, and free aim shooting it’s […]

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In a pleasant surprise today, inXile provided me with an Early Access key to Torment: Tides of Numenera. I have to admit, it’s taking a […]

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theHunter: Call Of The Wild Has Some Amazing Visuals

theHunter Call Of The Wild Trailer

Sport hunting titles seem like they’ve been around forever. I remember back in the 90s playing Deer Hunting simulators that felt like DOOM mods. It’s […]

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Card Quest Shuffles Into Early Access

Card Quest Early Access

Two former devs from Gameloft have created a fun pick up and play card game that is available on Steam right now! Armed with your […]

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Take on the role of Velvet Crowe, a gentle natured girl turned pirate in the latest installment of the Tales Of series! That’s just the […]

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First 11 – Check Out Our Torn Tales Gameplay Footage

Torn Tales First 11

Today, I’m starting a new YouTube series to show off some of the PC titles we tackle. Each video will focus on the first eleven […]

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