Darkain Arts Gamers

Hats Off To You!

Live Action Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Okay so this isn’t about the video game or even a movie based on the video game, but is rather something that I stumbled upon […]

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Happy New Year! Thanks To All Our Fans!

It’s been awhile since we’ve had any substancial updates but things will be starting up now that it’s the new year. First off, thank you […]

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Live A Goomba’s Life In This Animated Short

“First Person Goomba” is an animation made for the Machinima Interactive Film Festival by animator Filipe Costa. While it can seem pretty deep, I’m sure […]

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REVIEW: Rara.com Streaming Music Service

You can listen to Halo 4’s soundtrack on Rara.com so this is counts as video game news. This service was something I never knew I […]

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Combine Pumpkin Carving and Tetris, Get Pumpktris

Nathan Pryor posted something pretty remarkable on youtube. A pumpkin carved with 128 squares for LED’s, which users can control a fully playable version of […]

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Chuck Norris vs the World

Okay so this is only partially video game releated. And, it’s hilariously so! Today I stumbled upon a hilarious channel on YouTube you may or […]

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