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REVIEW: Xeodrifter

Xeodrifter is just the game I needed right now. Not only is it a simple and retro inspired metroidvania game, it’s also bite sized enough […]

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REVIEW: Mr. Pumpkin Adventure

Mr. Pumpkin Adventure is a puzzling little game which is so odd that it almost defies description. In the story of the game the protagonist […]

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REVIEW: Shantae: Half-Genie Hero

When you support a Kickstarter the usual rule of thumb is that you shouldn’t get your hopes up. Often times Kickstarter projects, even ones that […]

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REVIEW: Exile’s End

The Metroidvania style of game is one that many people have fond memories of, especially if you grew up in the days of the original […]

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REVIEW: Paper Mario: Color Splash

Color Splash Intro

Paper Mario Color Splash is a comical and nostalgic entry in the franchise that almost takes on a 90’s PC adventure game vibe. With less […]

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REVIEW: Mini Mario & Friends amiibo Challenge

While Mini Mario & Friends amiibo Challenge is not the answer to the killer ap question for giving amiibos a solid use, it is a […]

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REVIEW: Chronicles of Teddy: Harmony of Exodus

I really didn’t know what to expect when I downloaded Chronicles of Teddy: Harmony of Exodus on my Wii U. I had a basic understanding […]

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REVIEW: The Grumpy Reaper

Grumpy Reaper? Grumpy Gamer. The Grumpy Reaper is kind of a hard game to peg. On the surface it looks like it could be a […]

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REVIEW: Word Puzzles by POWGI

I enjoy puzzle games, though most of my puzzle solving comes from puzzles built into other game genres. From problem solving and deduction like the […]

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REVIEW: Hyrule Warriors

Since the launch of the Wii U one of the things that fans have been clamoring for is another game in the Legend of Zelda […]

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