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Aksys Games

  • Do You Bear the Mark? Death Mark LE Details Revealed! September 13, 2018
    Aksys Games opened the creaky old door of their rundown mansion to reveal what evils await in the Limited Edition package of the highly anticipated survival horror adventure game, Death Mark. Coming on Halloween...
  • Additional Clues Turn Up on Jake Hunter Detective Story: Ghost of the Dusk! September 6, 2018
    Aksys Games revealed today that Jake Hunter Detective Story: Ghost of Dusk, coming later this month on Nintendo 3DS™, will feature five additional Jake Hunter cases never before released in North America. In Ghost of the Dusk, a homeless man’s accidental death...


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Goodbye Galaxy Games

  • How I became the famous GTA for GBA programmer July 3, 2014
    Yesterday I suddenly got a DM on Twitter from Brian Provinciano, asking if I was the Hugo Smits from Grand Theft Auto on GameBoy Advance. I thought it would be a funny story to post here, so here we go!Be prepared to be gravely disappointed:In that case, I’m actually the Hugo you are looking for! After all those years that game still haunts me, haha! Back in […]
  • Gomba early preview March 26, 2014
    It has been awhile since I last wrote about indi3DS. I get asked pretty frequently about the status of the project, and today I decided to shed some light onto it. The project is basically canceled and turned into a different project. When I started indi3DS it was just a compiler for my own scripting language. I made the compiler because I wanted to be able […]

Namco Bandai

  • Learn the basics of defense in SOULCALIBUR VI! Mark Julio... October 16, 2018
    Learn the basics of defense in SOULCALIBUR VI! Mark Julio demonstrates blocking, guard impact, and reversal edge in the latest tutorial video. SOULCALIBUR VI launches this Friday, Oct 19th. Click here to reserve your copy today. 
  • A most villainous being wants to steal your quirk. Tap to get a... October 15, 2018
    A most villainous being wants to steal your quirk. Tap to get a Hero! How do you think your hero will fair against All For One? Take your battle against All For One to the stages in My Hero One’s Justice when it launches on Oct. 26th! Click here to pre-order your copy today. 


  • Summon up a Nintendo Switch bundle with Diablo III: Eternal Collection starting Nov. 2 October 15, 2018
    The devil is literally in the details of a new Nintendo Switch bundle featuring Blizzard's legendary game Diablo III: Eternal Collection, launching exclusively at GameStop on Nov. 2. Fans who pick up the devilish bundle will receive a Nintendo Switch system and dock featuring Diablo III artwork, a download code for the Diablo III: Eternal Collection gam […]
  • Luigi to the rescue?! October 12, 2018
    Can poor Luigi survive in a haunted house and save Mario? Not without your help! Solve petrifying puzzles and suck up all the spooky spirits in the Luigi's Mansion game, available now for the Nintendo 3DS family of systems.


  • Marvel’s Spider-Man: The Heist Out Next Tuesday, Adds 3 New Suits October 16, 2018
    As we have throughout the year for the base game, we worked with Marvel artists on some brand new art for Marvel's Spider-Man: The Heist. This art illustrating Spider-Man and Black Cat, comes from famed Marvel illustrator and suit designer Adi Granov.
    Ryan Smith
  • Defiance 2050 Gets Massive “Trouble in Paradise” Update Today October 15, 2018
    With Trouble in Paradise, you’ll be able to play through all-new story missions to learn more about the Grid. We have an exclusive first look at the devastatingly vicious new addition to the Grid’s forces: Harvesters.
    Steve “Fasti” Haines

Renegade Kid

  • New Focus and New Feels for 2018! May 21, 2018
    A lot has happened so far in 2018. It is already looking like a very busy year for Atooi. Here’s a list of the key events so far in 2018.February 15 – Xeodrifter released on Nintendo Switch.March 1 – Totes the Goat released on Nintendo Switch.March 1 – Mutant Mudds Collection on sale at 50% off for 20 days.April 1 – Xeodrifter on sale at 50% off for 20 days. […]
    Jools Watsham
  • Whine & Dine with Watsham January 29, 2018
    MORNING COFFEEEvery now and then I like to write about what's happened over the past few months. It is a cathartic exercise for me, and hopefully offers something of interest to you. A common theme over the past few entries has been one of complaining about bad things that have happened. This may present an impression that I am a negative person who lik […]
    Jools Watsham

Rockstar Games

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  • Good news for Total War: ARENA fans
    Wargaming, SEGA and Creative Assembly are moving forward today in a new partnership that sees Total War: ARENA published worldwide as the first ever title released by Wargaming's new publishing label, Wargaming Alliance.
  • SEGA 3D Classics Collection Puyo Puyo 2
    The second instalment in the popular action-puzzle series "Puyo Puyo" is appearing on the 3DS for the first time! This arcade port has very simple rules, but it adds an Offset feature to make head-to-head battles even more intense. You can play against a friend using Local Play. (Both players must have a Nintendo 3DS and a copy of the game)

Square Enix


  • Steel Empire on Steam September 6, 2018
    Steel Empire, a legendary shoot’em up game is coming to Steam! Originally released on Sega Genesis, Game Boy Advance and later on Nintendo 3DS™, Steel Empire is going to be out on September 13rd, 2018 at 8:00am PDT/5:00pm CET.
  • Cubers: Arena at DD May 22, 2018
    We are happy to share news that Cubers: Arena will be presented at Digital Dragons, the video game industry conference held in Krakow on May 21-22. The game is being created for PC (via Steam), Xbox One, PlayStation® 4, and Nintendo Switch™.


  • We Did It! September 21, 2018
    Hi Backers! At long last, we’ve arrived at the FINAL Kickstarter Update for Shantae: Half-Genie Hero! Today we’d like to take a moment to say a final word of thanks while we look back at everything we’ve accomplished together! Update #128 is live! Thank you all for your wonderful support!
  • Shantae Summer Surprise! July 31, 2018
    At long last, our Kickstarter campaign for Shantae: Half-Genie Hero is coming to an end! But before we pack it all up and sail into the sunset, we’d like to present with one final surprise: JAMMIES MODE! Jammies Mode is our way of saying THANK YOU to everyone who supported this campaign! We hope you’ll […]


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