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Aksys Games

  • Aksys Games Announces Blazing Strike May 20, 2021
    Aksys Games announced today that Blazing Strike, the 2D fighting game from developer RareBreed Makes Games, is coming to consoles and PC in spring 2022. Inspired by classic arcade fighting game series from industry greats...
  • Aksys Games Announces Upcoming Titles at NGPX March 4, 2021
    Aksys Games announced the lineup of games that will be showcased at the New Game+ Expo (NGPX) today, March 4th, 2021. NGPX is an online event featuring new and upcoming releases from...


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Goodbye Galaxy Games

  • How I became the famous GTA for GBA programmer July 3, 2014
    Yesterday I suddenly got a DM on Twitter from Brian Provinciano, asking if I was the Hugo Smits from Grand Theft Auto on GameBoy Advance. I thought it would be a funny story to post here, so here we go!Be prepared to be gravely disappointed:In that case, I’m actually the Hugo you are looking for! After all those years that game still haunts me, haha! Back in […]
  • Gomba early preview March 26, 2014
    It has been awhile since I last wrote about indi3DS. I get asked pretty frequently about the status of the project, and today I decided to shed some light onto it. The project is basically canceled and turned into a different project. When I started indi3DS it was just a compiler for my own scripting language. I made the compiler because I wanted to be able […]

Namco Bandai


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  • 5 tips for The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners’ new free expansion, Aftershocks August 3, 2021
    The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners wowed the VR world with its intense physics based combat, terrifying undead hordes, and immersive survival gameplay. Its first major update, The Meatgrinder, brought with it a new gameplay difficulty, the wave-based survival mode The Trial, and hours of replayable walker slaying action. However, for those seeking a way […]
    Alexander Eden
  • Behind the music: Scoring The Falconeer August 3, 2021
     Hi everyone, I’m Benedict Nichols, the composer and sound designer for the third-person aerial combat game, The Falconeer, which is coming to PlayStation 5, and PlayStation 4 on August 5. I’ve worked with the game’s solo developer, Tomas Sala, for almost two years, helping to bring his vision for the game to life. It’s been […]
    Benedict Nichols

Renegade Kid

  • Atooi Update May 13, 2019
    Wow, it has been more than four months since my last update! Time flies when you're having fun, and oh boy, we are having fun at Atooi Towers!First up, Chicken Wiggle Workshop. My deepest apologies for the delayed release of the game. There are two main reasons for this:1. We're adding more content to the game as well as polishing every aspect of i […]
    Jools Watsham
  • Atooi in 2019 January 6, 2019
    Folks who follow my activity on social media may have noticed the frequency of my updates have slowed down to a halt in recent months. Nothing bad happened. I’m still alive. And, I’m still making games. So, what did happen?It finally occurred to me that being so active on social media might be having a negative effect on my perspective of games, the communit […]
    Jools Watsham

Rockstar Games

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Square Enix

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  • Marble Knights’ Ultimate Update Rolls into Apple Arcade July 15, 2021
    Part sword-swinging adventure, part multiplayer party game – a total of 10 modes and minigames are now available!   Roll into battle and multiplayer fun! We are pleased to announce that the fourth and final post-launch update to Marble Knights, the sword-swinging fantasy game for up to four players, is now available exclusively on Apple […]
  • New Details and Official Title Revealed for RWBY: Arrowfell July 9, 2021
    Embark on an original 2D action-adventure set in the world of RWBY In conjunction with entertainment company Rooster Teeth and game publisher/developer Arc System Works, we are delighted to confirm the first details and official title of RWBY: Arrowfell, an all-new action-adventure video game based on the global animated hit RWBY! Unveiled during Rooster Tee […]


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