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REVIEW: Crazy Train (DSiWare)

I must say that I really appreciate developers who are still supporting DSiWare. Sure the Nintendo DSi is considered an old system now, what with […]

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REVIEW: The Legend of Zelda Spirit Tracks

The game is several years old but I’ve just gotten into the game, so I figured why not do a review of the game. But […]

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REVIEW: Crazy Chicken Director’s Cut

Crazy Chicken: Director’s Cut is a simple and entertaining game which is simple to pick up, easy to play and actually quite fun. The game […]

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REVIEW: Publisher Dream (DSiWare)

Publisher Dream is the follow up to Circle’s previous release Bookstore Dream. While in the previous outing you took control of a bookstore in an […]

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REVIEW: Bookstore Dream (DSiWare)

I love simulation games. Taking on tasks that I would never have the opportunity to do in the real world is fun, while playing hosts […]

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