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Hats Off To You!

I’m sure you’ve been there. The Game Master of your group is scrounging together whatever he can find to lay out on a sheet of grid paper to represent the battle your characters are about to take on. With the latest wave of Pathfinder Battles miniatures you can set up a really sweet looking tavern scene instead of just using Cheetos and random dice as markers!

The characters are cute but the main thing that got my attention about this set was the detail on the tavern bar itself. It’s that little bit of 3D detail that brings this all to life. It certainly looks like a fun set to play around with and the main tavern pack comes with a decent mix of parts it seems!


Look at that set! Doesn’t that just get you feeling creative? Don’t you want to just have your character jump on that bar and scream out a war cry? If so, your party may have paid for lots of location damages by now. But still it looks like a fun set to use!

Characters come in four packs of 1 large figure and 3 small or medium figures at the MSRP of $15.99 or you can get a whole brick of them which seems to be eight packs for $127.92. It’s the tavern bar set I have my sights on though. I was able to find it online for $49.99. That may sound like a bit much but it is certainly a set of props you could make good use of over many campaigns! After all, how often do your players end up visiting taverns?

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Written by Les Major