NMS - Foundation Update

I’m so glad I stopped playing No Man’s Sky when I did. I’d just reached this majestic moon that hung low over a sprawling planet. The surface of the moon was dwarfed by the planet’s close proximity spanning across much of the horizon. It was a wonderful place that I didn’t want to leave. Thankfully with the new update, it seems you can find worlds to call your own now.

Sadly I don’t know if I’ll be able to swap over into creative mode on my save game, but maybe someday I’ll find my glorious world again. Either way, No Man’s Sky updated over the weekend and now includes not only base building on the surface of planets, but a huge freighter that you can customize the inside of with the same mechanics!

Since launch, we’ve been quiet during the troubled reception to the game. With such a strong fan base it was already clear all over the internet that users were frustrated by the lack of some promised features. Really No Man’s Sky boiled down to being a game to chill out and relax to, rather than that grand adventure many were waiting for.

The latest update somewhat addresses and somewhat side steps the complaints gamers have had. On the plus side, giving players a home base encourages exploration of those rich worlds that typically everyone uses as a speed bump on their way to the center of the galaxy. While one complaint was that the variety of content on planets wasn’t exactly vast, it still can be fun to wander around. Apparently that variety has been increased in this latest update and a post on Kotaku seemed to imply that it even changed up content on worlds they’d already visited.

Below is the version 1.1 trailer which promises that this is the first update of many. So if nothing else, despite the initial frustrations everyone felt, all the support for the game seems to have not been ignored. This honestly is a good start. Maybe we can really start looking at No Man’s Sky as a game in early access instead of remembering the disappointment many of us felt. We’ve probably all had that struggle with it not being a bad game, but not quite what we wanted. Well, there’s more to come! Here’s to hoping we can enjoy the expanding galaxy so many of us have come to visit.

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Written by Les Major