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Take Me Home, Country Roads

Looks like some campers are having some issues in Pocket Camp.

Currently, developers in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp have acknowledged several issues in the game and have stated that they are working towards finding solutions. These issues surround the camper Freya, Eugene, and Dotty.

The Friendship Level required to unlock new requests and the ability to change outfits for Freya, Eugene, and Dotty are incorrect. Additionally, special requests are not being displayed on the Friendship Level screen for Freya. Special requests are instead generated once the necessary conditions are met.

Another issue has cropped up with the new event in the game. If you select “Please show me!” the first time you speak to Leif, the game will crash as you’re going to the garden. This issue only occurs if someone shares ladybugs with you before you start the event in your game.

How to Resolve the Issue: If you encounter this issue in your game, speak to Leif again and select “I think I can manage.” This should allow you to continue playing as normal.

Expect an update soon.

Elsewhere the Leif’s Garden Safari event has just started in the game.

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Written by Jason Nason

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