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Love vs Money Splatfest starts tonight

The next Splatoon 2 Splatfest starts tonight! But what’s the topic, you ask? Well, this time it’s about what’s more important to you: money or love? Is it about the glitz and glamour of cash money? Or would you rather have a heart full of love (even if your wallet is empty)?

The Splatfest will take place from tonight, February 16th at midnight thru Saturday, February 17th at midnight.

Additionally a new weapon is about to be released in the Sloshing Machine Neo, which will be available this evening, just prior to Splatfest kickoff. Just like the Sloshing Machine, this weapon can be effective on enemies hiding in the terrain. Rounding out the kit is the Point Sensor to reveal the location of opponents to your team, and the Splat-Bomb Launcher to wreak a little havoc.


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Written by Jason Nason

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