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Pokémon Shuffle has recently been updated to version 1.5. The update beings with it a variety of new features.

The update includes a new Trainer Rank system that gives you various rewards based on the number of Pokémon that you have captured. These include Mega Speedups, Raise Max Levels, jewels, and Mega Stones. There are a total of 30 Ranks.

The update also adds daily check in bonuses which cycle through 15 different gifts. These include Hearts, Moves +5, Exp. Booster S, Skill Booster S, Mega Start, Disruption Delay, Exp. Booster M, Raise Max Level, Exp. Booster L, Time + 10, and a Jewel in day 15.

Finally the new update allows you to unlock future stages with Jewels. So if you’re stuck at a level and can’t seem to beat it, like I was at one point, you can skip over it and keep playing.

Pokémon Shuffle recently celebrated its three year anniversary and several rewards have been distributed. These include three jewels, Legendary Pokémon Suicune and Mewtwo, a skill swapper and Raise Max Levels enhancement, and Pikachu (Fired Up). You’ll have to hurry though as these rewards are only available until February 27th at 1am ET.

Source: Serebii

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