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New animals have arrived in Pocket Camp

Margie and Bill, as well as a host of new animals, have arrived in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

In addition to the new campers comes some of their favorite harmonious-themed furniture. Craft an animal’s favorites, and you can host him or her at your campsite.

  • Margie – Unlockable item: tile screen
  • Bill – Unlockable item: lotus pond
  • Curt – Unlockable item: samurai suit
  • Gladys – Unlockable item: loom
  • Drago – Unlockable item: lazy-Susan table

New animals and furniture will appear in the game at regular times. New animals may not appear until you reach a certain level. New furniture may not be available to craft until you reach a certain level. To host new animals at your campsite, you will need to fulfill their special requests.


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Written by Jason Nason

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