The latest ARMS Party Crash Bash featuring Mechanica and Master Mummy has wrapped up over the weekend. The event took take place from February 15th from 4:00am ET thru February 18th at 4:00am ET.

Master Mummy was no match for Mechanica wins this past weekend’s ARMS Party Crash Bash with 51% and advances to the next round.

Like Party Crash, Party Crash Bash is a limited-time Party Match event with special rules. By playing these matches, you can increase your Lab Level, which then grants you in-game currency and special badges. You can also get bonus multipliers by using featured characters and weapons. At the end of each event, a winning character will be declared based on win percentages. This event will then repeat every few weeks until one ultimate champion is crowned.

Dr. Coyle gas a bye for the first round and round 2 will begin soon. The first marchup in round 2 will feature Min Min vs Springtron.

No date has been set yet.

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Written by Jason Nason

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