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REVIEW: Captain Toad Treasure Tracker

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, which originally launched for Wii U back in 2014, has been ported and released for both the Nintendo Switch and the […]

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REVIEW: Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of DANA

The first thing you’re greeted with when you start Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of DANA is the beautiful artistic character design and the beautiful soundtrack. And […]

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REVIEW: Dungeon Rushers

Dungeon Rushers is a Heroic-Parody tactical RPG combining dungeon crawler gameplay and turn-based fights. The game was originally released on Steam. The layout of much […]

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REVIEW: BAFL – Brakes Are For Losers

BAFL – Brakes Are For Losers is a fun game to play, especially with friends, but the simplicity of the game leaves me wanting something more. The gimmick […]

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REVIEW: Splatoon 2

The best thing about Splatoon 2 is that it feels like a quality continuation to the original. Some games go out of their way to […]

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Out of the games shown prior to the launch of Nintendo’s new Switch console, Arms stood out as one that really surprised me. The controls […]

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FAST RMX - Title

There was something magical about going into an arcade in the 90s. Seeing the latest racing games all lined up with amazing graphics and blistering […]

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