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I’m a fan of concepts like this. Netflix is cool and I definitely love the service. However Crackle has it’s own merit in the way it allows viewers to watch content for free, just with commercials. This age old concept is something I appreciate seeing in different media of our time.

Now, Square-Enix has launched Core Online! Focused on browser based gameplay you can now enjoy select titles by watching commercials. Each ad nets you game time. Here’s the concept straight from the site:

You will normally earn 20 minutes of game time for each 1 minute advertisement you view – although occasionally this may vary. Adverts will also appear during loading screens; but the load time is not artificially increased by this, and ads viewed in this way will earn you additional game time.

So there you have it. As they say, who knows, you may even see an ad for something you like. Commercial funded gaming. I’m glad to see it! What do you think? You can check out more at http://www.coreonline.com/

* update – Square Enix has released a video commercial for their new Core Online service. Check it out below.

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  1. Jason says:

    Love the idea. Some people complain about the invasion of advertising into games, but it is very natural. I love seeing real ads for Tim Hortons on the boards in NHL 13!

    And games that take place in a city environment (GTA series) it wouldn’t phase me if a billboard had an ad for something real intead or a made up brand.

    Plus if it’s something that I can ‘opt in’ to and decrease the cost of content, all the better. I’ll gladly accept advertising and knock the price of my game by $10.

    Bring on the ads!

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Written by Les Major