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It’s being reported that a cardboard cutout drawing of a Wii U controller had gotten up to over $90,000 on Ebay before being pulled from the site. I can only assume it was pulled due to the high bidding the auction had gotten up to since the listing itself did actually say it was for a, “Cardboard Cutout Of The Wii U Gamepad” and the only description said that the title, “Says it all”.

Sites are widely speculating that the bids were bidders just having fun with the auction, but keep in mind, your Ebay bid is a legally binding contract. That’s why I assume the auction was pulled. It’s true, there is fraud out there, but if you look through descriptions, you’ll usually find the truth of the sale. However in this case, the auction was very clear and of course if you’ve been out to stores lately, there are Wii U gamepads available on shelves to purchase. Just no systems for the most part.

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Written by Les Major