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I remember when Starfield was a post processing option in 3DS Max.

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Life Is Feudal, But At Least It’s A Nice Place


Life Is Feudal: Your Own is an interesting mix of survival game concepts that is shaping up to be a quality title to enjoy. The main focus is playing with a sandbox of a medieval world that you can craft into your own design. Currently on Steam in early Alpha, many players have already decided to give it a go and boost the game to the number one Top Seller spot on the store. It’s really quite interesting, mostly due to it’s context menu. In general, Life Is Feudal has a realistic landscape look, while holding a Minecraft like digging system for looking for ore.

Many things around the world can be right clicked and examined, popping up the context menu. This is neat due to the fact that there are typically quite a lot of options. Foraging for food in the grass means you won’t be looking around for specific items visually. It’s more of a searching a spot with a skill option. Skills are something you do have a mix of as well, and they do increase as you perform tasks such as foraging. Another option is to snap branches off trees using your context menu. These in turn can be used to craft into tools. The layout is even different too in that you can switch between mouse cursor movement and looking around with the tab key. To get a good idea of how the game plays, check out the official tutorial here.

All of this is quite typical but the presentation is rather nice. Naturally the main point of the game is to interact with other players it seems, almost in a DayZ or Rust sort of way while you build your world. However you can create a world that is private and has only one player, if you so desire. Really the more creative and adventurous you can be with role playing, the more you’ll probably enjoy the world of Life Is Feudal. It’s your world to explore, enjoy, and make the most out of. Life Is Feudal is shaping up to give you a great sandbox to do that in.

Life Is Feudal is an Early Access Game on steam, but if you just want to poke at the interface or even help out the developers by looking for bugs, now is the time to join in. New updates are already planned for a weeks time and of course with any Early Access game, it’s an investment in supporting a title that you want to see progress.

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Written by Les Major