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I remember when Starfield was a post processing option in 3DS Max.

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… aboard his mighty Dreadnought! The new area being added to Destiny included with this latest and biggest expansion. The Dreadnought is actually an area you’ll be able to do patrols around, which is one of many things that have been revamped. So far I’ve only seen pre-expansion upgrades but some of the new things have been fun!

One new patrol mission is awesome to play on your Sparrow, Destiny’s speeder bikes. It actually has tons of checkpoint gates just peppered all over the landscape. These power up a charge that slowly depletes if you don’t keep hitting new gates. So it’s a random race, but one that encourages you to look around and find the next point fast. The only place I’ve played that was on Mars so far in the starting area. That was with the core game and two earlier expansions as well! So if you haven’t had time to pick up The Taken King yet, you can still go speed around Mars in the meantime. It’s a usual patrol mission you find from a beacon.

The new expansion itself continues the storyline from The Dark Below. It seems The Taken King Oryx’s son was Crota, whom players may know from the raid on the moon. So Oryx is here for revenge.

Another major change is the unfortunate departure of Peter Dinklage from the role of your guiding Ghost, a mechanical shell that potentially holds the spirit of a fallen Guardian. Fans were mixed on Peter’s performance voice acting for the game. Personally I loved his tone and thought it fit in perfectly. Nolan North has taken over the role now and all of the previous Ghost lines have been re-recorded. Nolan seems more upbeat, which is good in it’s own way but there was something about how Peter Dinklage delivered lines like, “This should lead us right to the grave… The Worlds Grave… not ours.” It sounded sincere, and I think that’s what made the original Ghost that likable. He was your trusted companion. Nolan North does a great job, he’s just different.

We will keep you updated on Destiny: The Taken King when we get a chance for some hands on experience.

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Written by Les Major