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With simple 2-button controls, Muse Dash looks to be easy for players to jump into, with action side-scroller mechanics like traditional rhythm game instrument solos, timed dodges, and beat-based enemy attacks all mixed together to mash the perfect jam.

Rhythm game players will also find depth in Muse Dash, as mastering each song takes more than just a few tries. Each song comes with trophies to unlock, leaderboards to make your mark on, and 3 difficulties to suit your style. Focus on your rhythmic abilities while keeping those reflexes strong to become a true master of Muse Dash.

Mute Dash will launch on the Nintendo Switch and PC in June 2019. The Nintendo Switch version will launch with free DLC updates included while the PC release will be worldwide with DLC available separately. The game will have over 80 songs to master in-game and features rhythm mashed gameplay with surprising depth. There will be a variety of different stages, enemies, and bosses to face representing different music genres.

Mute Dash will also have three unique heroines to play, each coming with their own pets, and unlockable outfits.

The PC and Nintendo Switch versions of Muse Dash will include English, Japanese, Korean, Simplified and traditional Chinese localization options for players to choose from. The Nintendo Switch version will launch on the e-shop in Japan, North America, Europe, and Australia with DLC included, while the PC release will be worldwide with DLC available separately.

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Written by Jason Nason

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