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Starting today, Tetris 99 offers paid DLC that allows players to enjoy two new modes, both of which can be played offline.

In the Big Block DLC players can get additional modes for Tetris 99 as they are released with a one-time purchase of just $12.59 CAD. The initial included game modes are:

  • CPU Battle – Play Tetris 99 offline against 98 CPU players.
  • Marathon – Challenge yourself in this offline mode to clear the most lines and score big.

Information about additional upcoming game modes will follow at a later date.

Both the CPU Battle and Marathon modes are played entirely offline. This means that any Nintendo Switch player without a Nintendo Switch Online membership who wants to play Tetris 99 can do so by purchasing the Big Block DLC. Playing the game’s Tetris 99 online mode, however, still requires Nintendo Switch Online.

Also announced today is the 3rd MAXIMUS CUP for Tetris 99. Starting on May 18th, the next MAXIMUS CUP online event is available for all players with a Nintendo Switch Online membership. Like the last MAXIMUS CUP, this free event awards various points for each match played during the event period, even if they don’t come in first place.

The 3rd MAXIMUS CUP runs from 3:00am ET on May 18th to 2:59pm ET on May 19th. The higher that players place at the end of each match, the more event points they earn. Any participants who earn 100 event points during the three-day period will unlock an in-game theme inspired by the original Game Boy game.

For more details about the game and the 3rd MAXIMUS CUP, visit https://tetris99.nintendo.com/.

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