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After releasing visual novel NekoMiko on the Nintendo Switch last week, qureate is releasing a new game Prison Princess for Nintendo Switch in January.

In the game you’re a ghostly sliver of your former self and you’re set to try and rescue the princesses. You’ll need to lead two captured princesses to solve puzzles and escape the Demon King’s castle. The game is teased as a new escape game experience, with cute girls, puzzles, and ‘special’ events.

The Continent of Maygard – The peace and prosperity brought about by the two kingdoms of ‘Aria Zaza’ and ‘Zanji Zed’ lasted countless years. That golden era is now facing it’s downfall.
The Demon King, released from his seal, has turned our continent to a sea of flames. As cities were invaded one after another, a man appeared carrying the blood of ancient heroes… Oh Brave Hero. During his journey, the hero met with grave misfortune and perished. The Demon King’s minions snuck into the capital cities of the two kingdoms to kidnap their precious princesses. All hope seemed to have been lost…

However, it seems our hero is not wholly dead after all. Even as a spirit, the hero is determined to remain in this world, and has set off to save the princesses from danger.

The hero has no physical body and so he can’t investigate things or solve puzzles on his own. He needs to ask the princesses to act for him. In order to get the princesses to escape, will have to deal with traps and puzzles. But to solve them, you’re going to need to scour the room from top to bottom, and get all the items and hints.

Prison Princess will be released for the Nintendo Switch on January 30th, 2020 for $25.19 CAD.

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Written by Jason Nason

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