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Fabraz and Umaiki Games have announced that Skellboy will be making its way to the Nintendo Switch on January 30th.

Join Skippy the skeleton on their journey to defeat an evil magician and his assorted lackeys, all while swapping out body parts left and right for bits and bobs from your friends and foes in this Action RPG Adventure. You’ll need every edge you can get as you battle as your way across the Cubold Kingdom, which is lovingly rendered in beautiful 3D pixel art and set against a rocking suite of chiptune songs and sound effects.

Skellboy will release in the Nintendo eShop for $25.00 CAD, but can be pre-ordered starting now with a 10% discount.

The game is an expansive single-player experience across the interconnected Kingdom of Cubold full of square charming characters and edgy villains. An action-rpg adventure, it will test your skill and rewards exploration. You will be able to swap your bones for 100+ different body parts and items of friends and foes with (more or less) useful effects.

Skellboy features a Vibrant 2d pixelart style that comes to life in a 3d world and has some of the feel of Square’s Octopath Traveler.

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Written by Jason Nason

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