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The Guise – First Impressions

It’s been awhile since I’ve given any first impressions to a game. Usually we just go in, enjoy, and post a review. However, I haven’t had much time lately to devote to this title, but it’s genuine drawn me in. The Guise to me feels like a hidden gem. So far there are few reviews on Steam, but when you start playing the game it doesn’t feel like a bargain bin title. In fact, I’ve been quite impressed with the graphical presentation of The Guise.

You play as a young boy from an orphanage. After becoming curious about what lies in the head mistresses forbidden room, you end up coming across a mask. Said mask turns you into a monster. All of this is captured fantastically! You’re left alone in the cold foreboding woods. This poor kid, turned into a beast, now has to fend for himself. Even one of his friends doesn’t recognize him at first.

The game itself plays really solid too. There was the odd time jumping early on gave me a lot of extra room to make it onto some ledges, but that was fine. Combat itself however feels hard at first, but then gets completely visceral when you get into some of the bosses. I quickly went from defeated noob to an expert in a matter of a half hour. The first boss had me nearly ready to give up until I figured out how to move. By the time I made it to the next major enemy I was burning through their health bar with one hit remaining myself. You just get to this point where you’re not causally playing anymore. You’re fighting for your life and it feels solid!

Another good thing about The Guise is the areas. They’re quite vast and it gives you time to work on your skills. There’s stuff to find along the way too. Along with eyes as currency you also find amulets to give you various boosts. The bosses I’ve beat have given me an health boost as well. I’ve obtained a familiar that helps me along the way too. All in all it’s got a fun metroidvania feel that leans more toward the Metroid side of things.

As I’ve said, the game just feels solid. Glancing over the Steam forum and other reviews, it sounds like there’s been the odd glitch but there have been updates too. If anything, I can relate to this developer. I produced my own game years ago now, and there’s always some little things. As The Guise continues to get ironed out, it’s just going to become an even better title. It deserves to be up there with every other big indie game. That and it’s only $12.99 Canadian for so much content. I’m about to start the third area, going by teleport points, and I’m a good hour or so in. That doesn’t include any backtracking or anything yet.

I’d say give it a go! I’m enjoying this title and it honestly speaks to me. The Guise is a game I’m glad to have in my collection and one I’m certainly going to continue playing. It’s a side scrolling romp that calls back to games from my childhood while still being a quality modern title.

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Written by Les Major