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I remember when Starfield was a post processing option in 3DS Max.

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Nintendo’s sequel to it’s almost Wario Ware-like classic title challenge game feels like a direct continuation. The layout will be instantly familiar to anyone who has played the original NES Remix released last December. Good on Nintendo for quickly picking up on the success of this new series and getting NES Remix 2 out so fast.

The main thing these games are good for is nostalgia. If you’ve ever wanted to tell a friend about a bunch of these titles, the NES Remix series is a fun way to let them play a greatest hits version of the best moments in these titles. So what is new this time around and how do the presented games hold up?

In NES Remix 2 you’ll be treated to a list of heavy hitters. The biggest difference here is that these games are SO expansive in some cases, like Metroid, The Adventure of Link, and even Kirby’s Adventure. There are some nice moments included, but these bigger titles could have been fleshed out even more. You do cover many, if not all of The Adventure of Link’s boss battles, which is very cool, but those dungeons were so good it felt like you were missing some epic moments.

I get that the NES Remix series isn’t supposed to be a replacement for getting the actual full games themselves. That being said, it would have been very cool to see more of what we’re given in NES Remix 2′s unique content. Levels where you play as the USA version of Super Mario Bros. 2′s Toad in different games are so good, it left me craving more. I think that’s the hardest part is the cross over content feels so awesome, it’s almost a shame it’s overshadowed by collecting stars from regular game challenges.

As with the first NES Remix, there are a slew of unlockable levels as you add stars to your collection by completing challenges quickly. What seems to be a new addition this time around is a Miiverse replay option. So you’re able to see others who have beaten levels, in some cases faster than you, and learn from their techniques how they managed their times. It’s as quick as loading a level to watch these replays, so it really fits into the game well.

Super Luigi Bros. is a nice addition, letting gamers play through the entire original Super Mario Bros. but as Luigi in a game that scrolls from right to left. This includes some reversed visuals as well. Mentally, after years of playing the original game, it is an interesting exercise to play through this new version. I found some of the jumping difficult to master from this angle oddly.

Gamers who own both NES Remix titles are treated to an additional mode called Championship Mode which encourages gamers to collect coins in Super Mario Bros. 1 and 3, as well as earning a high score in Dr. Mario. This is all calculated together to earn you a spot on a leaderboard.

You’ll find lots of great memories here, and some old and new challenges to tackle. Some of the titles could have been elaborated on but this is still a solid experience. I’d really like to see Nintendo playing around with classic titles like this more though. The remix portion and bonus levels of the game are truly where the content shines and becomes more original. A cross over like this could be a lot of fun to experience further.

So is NES Remix 2 worth a go? If you really enjoy your classic NES titles and want to experience some of them in a faster fashion, or if you enjoyed the original game, then yes. The content included is probably equal to the original NES Remix but it does seem glaringly obvious that bigger titles feel short on content. I think that’s the biggest contrast here, is that NES Remix 2 has bigger games included. Not to spoil anything though, (you may want to stop reading now if you plan to 100% the game) but the 20th bonus level is a sweet wrap up and fills in a few missing gaps from along the way.

Gameplay 8
Graphics 8
Sound 8
Overall 8