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  • SNK HEROINES Tag Team Frenzy Introduces Extensive Customization Mode

    Who will be the belle of the brawl? NIS America has introduced an expansive customization mode for their upcoming fighter SNK HEROINES: Tag Team Frenzy which allows […]

  • Extinction The Game

    Fight Back Against The Giants Today In Extinction

    Modus Games launched the Giant fighting adventure by Iron Galaxy today known as Extinction. I’m sure if nothing else many of you will want to […]

  • Gal*Gun 2 arrives on Switch/PS4 on April 24th

    The wait for Pantsu Paradise is almost over. Gal*Gun 2, the sequel to gaming’s most feel-good first-person shooter, arrives on both PlayStation 4 and Nintendo […]

  • First Trailer for Little Dragons Café

    Aksys Games announced that Little Dragons Café, the latest game by renowned game designer Yasuhiro Wada, will be coming to the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation […]

  • SNK HEROINES Tag Team Frenzy dated for September 7th

    SNK and NIS America have announced that SNK HEROINES Tag Team Frenzy will be released in North America and Europe on September 7th. The game […]

  • Touhou Genso Wanderer Reloaded comes to Switch/PS4 on July 17th

    Soon you’ll be able to join the colorful cast of Touhou characters on an incredible journey through the Tower of Desire. Touhou Genso Wanderer Reloaded […]

  • April legendary Pokémon distributed via Pokémon Trainer Club newsletter…again

    Just like in March, codes for April’s legendary pair of Entei or Raikou will be available exclusively via the Pokémon Trainer Club newsletter arriving in […]

  • March 29th Nintendo Download

    Penny-Punching Princess – The Penny-Punching Princess game is an isometric brawler that takes place in a world ruled by capitalism, where cash is king. Fight or bribe your […]

  • Nintendo hosting Super Smash Bros. Invitational, Splatoon 2 World Championship at E3

    While we don’t know when we’re going to learn more details about the upcoming Switch iteration of Super Smash Bros., we know for sure that […]

  • Bomb Chicken blowing up on Switch this Summer

    One of the games highlighted in Nintendo’s Nindies presentation looks like it’s going to be a blast. No pun intended. The game in question is […]

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Monday, April 23, 2018 Nintendo Switch

Optical illusions land on Nintendo Switch with Perfect Angle

Ivanovich Games revealed Perfect Angle today, an original game based on optical illusions puzzles. The game will release in the Nintendo Switch eShop on May […]

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Monday, April 23, 2018 Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4

Runbow’s release date for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 postponed

Headup Games and 13AM Games announced today that colorful racing chaotic party game Runbow will be postponed for some weeks in order to further optimize […]

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Friday, April 20, 2018 Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Yoku’s Island Express dated for May 29th

Villa Gorilla has a delightful looking pinball platform adventure, Yoku’s Island Express, which will be launching on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC […]

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Thursday, April 19, 2018 Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4

Three new DLC fighters detailed for BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle

Arc System Works America revealed the next three fighters joining the BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle roster in the Cross Tag Character Pack 3. Cross Tag […]

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Thursday, April 19, 2018 Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4

Disgaea 1 Complete Comes to Nintendo Switch/PS4 This Fall

The original saga is back. To celebrate the 15th anniversary of this zany, over-the-top franchise, Disgaea 1 Complete heads to Nintendo Switch and PS4 this […]

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Thursday, April 19, 2018 Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo Switch

April 19th Nintendo Download

South Park: The Fractured But Whole – Standard Edition – Players will once again assume the role of the New Kid. As the newest member of […]

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Wednesday, April 18, 2018 Nintendo Switch, PC

Light Fall comes to Steam/Switch April 26th

Canadian indie games studio Bishop Games today announced that its visually captivating 2D platformer Light Fall will release on April 26th on Steam and Nintendo […]

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Wednesday, April 18, 2018 Nintendo Switch

Ninja Striker comes to Switch eShop tomorrow

Flyhigh Works and Circle Entertainment announced today that Ninja Striker! will be released on the Nintendo Switch eShop on Thursday. The game will be priced […]

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Wednesday, April 18, 2018 Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4

2D fighter Blade Strangers coming to Switch/PS4 in 2018

Studio Saizensen is bringing Blade Strangers, a hardcore old-school fighting game, to the Nintendo Switch in 2018, though there is no firm date announced yet. […]

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Wednesday, April 18, 2018 Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

NBA Playgrounds 2 announced for Switch/PS4/Xbox One

Saber Interactive revealed on Tuesday that NBA Playgrounds 2, the next installment in the arcade-sports franchise, is coming later this year. NBA Playgrounds 2 raises […]

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