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REVIEW: LEGO Dimensions

If you’ve been into any NFC figure game, which LEGO Dimensions is, you know how daunting those shelves filled with figures can be. Fortunately Dimensions […]

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REVIEW: Funk Of Titans

To me, Funk of Titans reminded me of classic Super Nintendo / Sega Genesis era games. The game has a simple focus, but it’s fun […]

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REVIEW: Dragon Ball XenoVerse

With a concept as grand as creating your own character and sending them out to save the Dragon Ball Z timeline, XenoVerse has a lot […]

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REVIEW: Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions

After playing so much of the second Geometry Wars game, I was satisfied and didn’t think the series could evolve further (see what I did […]

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REVIEW: Skylanders: Trap Team

Skylanders Trap Team expands well with the latest addition of trapping enemies to use as playable characters. This easily could have been a convoluted system, […]

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